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                                            Chapter 1

      As the sun slowly rose above them with the promise of another scorching mid-August day, the residents of Charleston, SC could already be seen hustling on their way to business as usual. Some headed to the docks of the city’s main port, while others worked their way towards the varying array of restaurants, shops, and other small businesses that made up the main part of the downtown. Still others made their way towards the old, outdoor slave market turned bustling artistic hub. Then there were those who found themselves at the beginning of a new school year, unsure of what knowledge awaited them in the upcoming term and dreading the idea that they might fail. For one young woman in particular, today would be the start of her first year at MUSC, the state’s best medical school. Despite having arrived on campus early, her eyes kept flitting around nervously as her hands sought to discretely fix and adjust the slightest flaw to her outfit. She worried her bottom lip with her teeth as she wished for about the twentieth time that morning that her light auburn red hair was a little more manageable. To regular passersby, she was just another medical student out of the many that flowed in and out of MUSC every year. However some of the returning student early arrivals took note of the new face, taking in the site of the curvy redhead with expressive blue eyes and a kind face. Finally taking a deep breath, the young woman squared her shoulders, lifting her head high with a sudden surge of confidence making its way through the worry. Determined, she rejoins the flow of student traffic heading towards the campus’ main auditorium.
       Upon reaching the building’s main steps, the young woman breathes a sigh of relief as she notices a few familiar faces from the first year orientation that occurred a few weeks prior. Almost as if they had sensed her arrival, a small group standing at the top of the stairs glanced her way. The first of the group, a slightly tanned young woman with dark ebony hair and shining green eyes, smiled warmly as she laid eyes upon the redhead below her. “Hey Kaiti,” she exclaims excitedly as the girl in question makes her way up to the group, “You ready for our first day?” “Good morning to you too Eri,” Kaiti replies with a grin of her own, eyes twinkling with amusement, “And you know I’m ready silly. It was all that we talked about at orientation after all.” With a light laugh, Kaiti turned towards the remaining two in the group. “Hey Grace, hey Tori,” she greets cheerfully, “How are y’all this morning?” Also chuckling softly, Grace turned towards Kaiti with a smile bordering on an amused smirk. “Well considering we’ve had to deal with Ms. Morning Person over here, we’re fine,” she replies jokingly, her tawny blonde hair blowing slightly in the early morning breeze and brown eyes flashing mischievously as she glances back towards Tori, “Right Tor?” Tori, the tallest of the group, wore a similar smile on her lips as she brushed her own golden blonde hair behind her ear. Blue eyes held their own silent laughter as she nodded her head in agreement. “Yeah, we’re just fine,” she says, patting Eri on the shoulder affectionately. “Now are we just going to stand here, or are we going to get our butts to class,” she asks teasingly with a jerk of her head back towards the auditorium. “Well let’s go then,” Kaiti exclaims cheerfully. As the group makes their way towards the doors, Kaiti’s cell phone beeps. Checking it quickly as she walks into the building just behind the other three, a broad smile breaks across her face as she reads, “Good luck on your first day! Don’t kill anybody!” “What’s got you so happy Kait,” Eri asks, a teasing tone to her voice,” Is it a boy?” “Oh no,” Kaiti replies with a laugh, “It’s one of my best friends from home. She wanted to say good luck on our first day.” Laughing again at the image of the petite brunette in question, typed a quick, “Thanks Rissa! Will do!” in response. Continuing to chat happily, the foursome makes their way into the auditorium to claim their seats, each praying for a good start to the school year.
       A little ways across town from the medical school, the business sector was already a bustling hub of activity as CEOs and interns alike raced towards their respective towering office building. Cabs and town cars fought to make their way through the traffic in order to drop off their charges in a timely manner. One of the largest buildings shone brightly in the early morning as the sun’s rays touched its sleek, silver surface of glass and metal. A large sign spelling out “Inukai Technologies” in bold, gold lettering graced the top right of the building, breaking up the alternating pattern of steel and glass. As the last of the early morning rush started to finally clear the streets, a lone black Suburban parks just in front of the Inukai building. A young man, whose khaki pants and short sleeve polo seemed rather out of place compared to the suits still populating the sidewalk, stepped out of the SUV. A handsome man with jet black hair and piercing brown eyes, the driver of the SUV stuffed his hands in his pockets as he glanced up at the building with a slight scowl. “I have better things to be doing,” he growls out in frustrations as he makes his way towards the entrance, “The old man better have a good excuse for calling me down here.” Upon entering the building, some in the lobby recognized the young man and many bowed in respect. Murmurs of, “Good morning Mr. Inukai,” reached him as he tilted his head in acknowledgement while making a straight path to the elevators. Upon reaching the top floor, the young man stepped out of the elevator and into a large, open penthouse-styled office. Pulling his watch off of his wrist, the young man strode forward as black dog ears appeared on top of his head and his human ears disappeared. His nails lengthened into elegant, yet deadly claws as his eyes became the color of liquid gold. “Hey old man,” he barks out roughly, his tone none too pleased as he approaches the large, prominent desk in the center of the office, “What the hell do you want? I’ve got cases to close.”
       Despite being called an old man, the man behind the desk could have at least passed himself off as his guest’s brother, if not his twin. “Good morning to you too Ronin,” he says dryly, his brow slightly raised in annoyance as he quickly signs off on the rest of his morning paperwork, “And you know that I’d appreciate it if you called me Dad every once in a while.” Ronin scoffs in reply as he crosses his arms and takes a seat across from his father. “I haven’t got all day Dad,” he states bluntly, “Now tell me what you want with me. I have two new cases to get back to before the trails go cold.” The elder dog demon gave a frustrated sigh, briefly pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and fore finger as he tried to will away the headache that had been brewing in the back of his mind all morning. Despite his young appearance, Kenshin Inukai was just over 500 years old, the last 300 years having been spent with his lovely mate, a human priestess named Akemi, and eventually becoming the father of ten children, Ronin being his youngest at the age of 125. And yet no matter how many decades went by, his youngest still had a tendency to push his buttons. “Your new cases are actually what I wanted to talk to you about Ronin,” he says quietly, seriousness taking hold, “They just so happen to be similar to a string of demonic attacks against human women that have spanned the state.” At the new information, the younger half-demon straightened in his seat, all gruffness gone as he began internally sifting through the details of both attacks. “Similar in what way,” he asks briskly, “Because so far evidence is pointing to different attackers. The first was mauled, and the other was crushed to death. The victims didn’t even look the same.” “While that is true,” Kenshin stated, “Both of these women were around college age, along with seven other young women that have been attacked between here and Spartanburg. Also, I read the initial reports on both murders. The causes of death match up with those in the other cases as well. In addition, three of the women from previous cases were found shortly before they died. Each stated that their attacker continuously asked them if they were the priestess that their master was looking for.” “Neither of my victims were priestesses,” Ronin stated quickly, “So how does that matter?” “Neither were the other seven,” his father answered, a slight scowl marring his features, “Or at least they weren’t active priestesses. All three of the victims found while they were still alive had spiritual auras, but neither one of them knew about the existence of demons and half-demons. All of these women were born with latent spiritual powers, and it seems that someone out there is looking for one in particular, attacking any young woman with hidden powers that they cross.”
       “Great, just fucking great,” Ronin growls out angrily, “We’ve got a couple of serial killers on the loose.” “Exactly,” his father replies, “And they won’t stop until they’ve found this particular priestess that they’re after. I need you to keep working your cases and hunting down any leads. Also, we’re going to need to increase night patrols in order to stand a better chance of catching these bastards and preventing any other attacks.” “Alright, I’m on it,” Ronin says while standing and heading towards the elevator, “Just do me a favor and send me the case files from the other attacks. You never know what might have been missed.” “Sure thing son,” Kenshin replies, standing as well and following his son to the elevator doors. “Just do me one favor in return,” he says, catching the doors before they close, “Call your mother. She’s been wanting to have you over for dinner for weeks now.” Letting go of the elevator door, Kenshin laughs heartily at the exasperated look that flashes across his youngest son’s face as the metal door slides shut.
       After a long and exhausting day full of lectures and laboratory orientation, Kaiti was at last making the final, long walk to the student parking lot. While she had enjoyed her first day and the lively dinner with the girls after lab, Kaiti was mentally and physically drained. All that she wanted to do was get back to her apartment and cuddle up with her cat while watching some anime. Of course, the anime and cat cuddling would have to wait until after she finished her homework. Running a hand through hair, Kaiti sighed in relief as the parking lot came into view. Her other hand clutched her trusty pocket knife as she glanced around the area for any sign of danger as she proceeded closer to her car. The girls had offered to walk back with her, but she didn’t want to inconvenience them. Seeing no one around, Kaiti quickly reached the driver’s side of her Ford Edge and opened the back door to not so gracefully toss her book bag onto the back seat. Closing the door, she turned to get into the car just as a rather strong hand gripped her shoulder forcefully and spun her so that her back was against the car. On instinct, Kaiti pulled the knife from her pocket and lunged to fend off her mystery attacker, only to have another strong hand catch her wrist and twist it sharply, causing her knife to fall to the pavement. “Oh a feisty one,” the stranger practically purrs with a strange hissing lisp “Looks like I’m about to have some fun.” Looking up to meet her attacker face to face, Kaiti gasps in horror as blood red eyes leer back at her from a reptilian face. “What in the hell are you,” she cries out, struggling to get loose of his hold, “Let go of me you monster!” “Now this won’t do,” states her attacker mockingly, “After all, I need to find out if you’re the priestess that my master has been looking for.” To Kaiti’s utter horror, she watches as the creature raises a long scaly tail towards her face. Shuddering in revulsion, Kaiti attempted to pull away from the monster’s grip. “This can’t be happening,” she thought in despair, “I need to find a way to get away from him. I refuse to die like this.” Then with an odd shattering sound ringing through the night, the young redhead could feel a strange rush of energy as she made a last ditch attempt to escape by kneeing the monster between his legs. There was a blinding flash of blue-green light as the demon cried out in pain and released his hold on Kaiti, who promptly began running back towards the medical school. “Help,” she screams, her voice cracking in fear, “Someone help me! There’s a monster trying to kill me!” Just as she reaches the edge of the parking lot, Kaiti suddenly fell forward as she felt the monster’s scaly tail wrap around her ankle. “Oh don’t worry little lady,” the beast croons malevolently as Kaiti attempts to free herself once more, “It looks like you’re the one that we’ve been looking for. It would be a waste to kill you.” Kaiti screams in frustration and fear as she attempts to kick her way out of his hold. Just as before, there was a rush of energy and a bright light as the creature withdrew its tail, hissing in pain. “You little bitch,” he screeches angrily, “I might not be allowed to kill you, but I’ll sure as hell teach you some respect!” The demon lurched forward, fists raised, only to be suddenly sent flying into a dumpster about thirty yards away as a black blur appeared suddenly out of the night.
       After spending many long hours going over all of the evidence and reading through the connected case files, Ronin hadn’t come up with any promising leads. The only solid conclusions that he could come up with was a very generic profile of the suspects, the causes of death and DNA left on the victims indicating that he was looking for a panther demon and a snake demon. With this in mind, he finally decided to go out on a night patrol of his own. On instinct, he gravitated towards the medical university, knowing that classes had just started back and there was a good chance that at least a couple of young women in the targeted age group might still be milling around. About an hour into his patrol, Ronin was nearing one of the outer parking lots as he began to sense a demonic presence. Focusing in on the area, he began making his way in for a closer look when he heard a young woman’s screaming cries for help. Bursting into a full out run, Ronin took note of the faint spiritual aura that was growing stronger by the second, fluctuating with fear and obvious inexperience. As the parking lot came into view, the half-demon growled angrily at the sight of a snake demon advancing on a young woman with red hair, its tail wrapped around her ankle. The girl’s spiritual aura fluctuated once more with a flash of blue-green light, causing the demon to stop its advance and back away with a pained hiss, its tail badly singed. Taking advantage of the snake’s reaction, Ronin leapt forward and knocked the beast back, sending it flying away from its potential victim. Turning on his radio, Ronin quickly spoke into the mike, “This is Inukai. I need a containment unit at the medical university’s outer parking lot. Suspect is a snake demon.” As he turned towards the young woman, a swift confirmation sounded on his radio. “Are you alright miss,” he asks gently, using a great deal of will power to repress an angry growl at the sight of her disheveled appearance and the bruises already forming around her wrists and ankle. Her bright blue eyes stared back at him, wide in a mixture of shock and fear, as his sensitive ears caught the sound of her racing heartbeat. Not wanting to frighten the girl any further, Ronin turned back around to face her attacker, knowing that actions would be more effective than mere words of concern. The hideous snake was finally pulling itself out of the dumpster that he had sent it flying into, reptilian eyes blazing with anger. “You disgusting half-breed,” it hissed in fury, “How dare you interfere with my affairs!” “Stopping scum like you is my job,” Ronin growled back, fangs bared in a challenging sneer. The demon’s enraged hissing turned into a shrieking cry as it launched itself at Ronin, whose sneer turned into a smirk as his claws made contact with the demon’s scaly hide. Hearing the speedy approach of the requested containment unit, Ronin made quick work of wrestling the demon to the ground, cuffing its hands and tail together behind its back at a rather painful angle as it hissed a string of angry curses and insults. As the containment officers quickly approached, Ronin hauled the snake to its feet with a rough jerk. “Get this piece of shit out of here,” he ordered with a growl as he handed over his prisoner to the two wolf demons that approached, “Have him charged with assault of a priestess and put into solitary overnight. And I want eyes on him at all times.” “Sure thing Chief,” answers one of the wolves, “We’ll make sure that he stays put.” As the containment team hauled their new charge into the back of their transport van, Ronin began to make his way back to where the startled woman still sat on the pavement.

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At the beginning of time, the only being residing within the whole of the universe was the Almighty. Despite having all of the immense powers of the cosmos, the Almighty still felt a great emptiness in such eternal solitude, and so began to create the heavens along with other divine beings to reside within them. To some, these divine children would later be known as angels. To others, they would be known as gods and goddesses of various domains. Next, the Almighty created the Earth and all of its beauty so that the divine children could produce creations of their own. Once presented with such a gift, the heavenly beings each became inspired in their own ways. Some fell in love with the elements and in turn divided the Earth’s surface amongst themselves to carve out a majestic landscape of water, earth, air, and fire. Others wished to be like the Almighty and worked to bring forth new life of their own. From these beings came the birth of all of the creatures of the land, sea and sky.

      Then on one faithful day, a lone goddess, known then only by the name of Mother, brought forth the first pair of human beings to the Earth. One was called Man, and the other was known as Woman. In Mother’s eyes, they were two halves of a very important whole, equals made in the image of the divine beings, whose fates were intertwined by the bond of love that she had given them. When Man and Woman were presented to the Almighty, favor was immediately showered upon Mother, as none of her siblings had succeeded in creating creatures that were in any way like themselves. The Almighty commanded Mother to bring forth more humans to serve as companions to Man and Woman, and humans were deemed worthy enough to be placed above all other creatures as both masters and caretakers of all of Earth’s glory.

      While many of Mother’s siblings rejoiced over her creations, there was one brother who grew furious in his jealousy of her success. He was the god known as Reaper, and was the only remaining divine being who had yet to present the Almighty with any creations of his own. Each and every attempt had resulted in incomplete creatures which had been unable to survive for more than a day.
Time passed, and soon humans began to bring life to children of their own. The continued success of Mother’s creations caused Reaper’s jealousy to spiral out of control and consume him, driving him mad. In his insanity, Reaper captured a small group of humans and used his powers of creation to warp his prisoners into mindless and deadly demons. Upon the discovery of Reaper’s crime, the Almighty created the endless void of Hell and exiled Reaper to its depths. With the aid of the Almighty, Mother attempted to save the humans-turned-demons from Reaper’s evil influence. Mother’s healing touch was able to save a portion of the warped creatures, but only to the extent of repairing their souls. Their bodies, however, were unable to be returned to their human state. To make up for this damage, Mother altered the bodies of these demons to take on the qualities of differing creatures and elements of the Earth and charged them with the protection of humankind against the possible return of Reaper’s evil. As for those demons that were too far gone with Reaper’s evil influence, Mother had no choice but to exile them to reside in Hell along with Reaper.

      As more time passed, traces of Reaper’s influence still lingered. Those humans who had escaped Reaper’s evil unscathed soon began to fear their demonic protectors, for the alterations to the demons bodies increased their strength, sped up their ability to heal, and gave them much longer lifespans. In order to soothe the fears of her children, Mother chose a select few and imbued them with spiritual powers. The resulting priests and priestesses were charged with the duties of healers and peacemakers, and were also meant as a last line of protection should any demon or human be overtaken by evil and become a threat to others. Then, as a final touch, Mother began to weave invisible threads of fate between the souls of humans and demons, making sure that each and every person was marked as the destined soulmate of another. Some couples consisted of partners of the same race, while others crossed racial boundaries and brought forth unions that resulted in the hybrid half-demon race. However, Reaper’s influence remained persistent and combined with the free will, fear, and mistrust of the races to interfere with Mother’s fateful threads. Eventually, the growing fear and mistrust of demons and half-demons by the common people became so great that demons and half-demons were forced into hiding in order to survive the increasing threat of persecution. With those of demonic blood living out their lives in secret, the priests and priestesses of the Earth were left with a decision that left them divided. Should they continue to remain in the open, or retreat into hiding as well and continue with their roles in secret? There were some who denounced the demonic races and decided to remain in the open as spiritual leaders of the common people, while others retreated into hiding and chose to continue to follow their original charge, aiding both human and demon alike.
Hi everyone! 

So I've been tagged. Literately didn't know that it was a thing until today, but here goes...

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this" You legitimately have to tag 10 people

About Me:
1) I love science!!!
2) I'm a serious country girl that loves going hunting with my dad.
3) I've never had a boyfriend.
4) I'm both a dog and a cat person.
5) I love to cook!!

Answers for :iconfallenfan77::
1. I'm thinking a medical researcher...
2. Something really romantic I think. Like the titles for my fanfics. ex) Southern Love.
3. Pancakes. No question.
4. Continue to follow your dreams.
5. I would have my bow on hand and would defend him/her long enough for them to get up and start running again.

My Questions:
1) What's your favorite vacation spot?
2) What is your favorite TV and/or anime show?
3) Favorite Disney movie?
4) Would you rather live in a big city or a rural town in the country?
5) What do you think is the most romantic thing in the world?

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